50 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Today is my mom’s 50th birthday! Instead of buying a card, this year I decided to make her something- a little booklet listing all the reasons why I love her so much. This is an easy DIY that can be made for anyone- siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends, or even grandparents! I used colored notecards (cut in half), a hole puncher, a sharpie, ribbon, sparkles, and a few rhinestones.

DSC_0347DSC_0359Now here are 50 reasons why I love my mom….

1)  Her unconditional love and compassion.

2)  Her laughter.

3)  Her smile.

4)  Her beauty.

5)  Her strength.

6)  Her heart for God.

7)  Her knowledge and wisdom that guides me.

8)  She’s full of love and life.

9)  She always tries to make others happy.

10) Your unwavering faith.

11) She shows kindness to everyone even when they don’t deserve it.

12) Her big heart.

13) Her patience.

14) Her forgiveness.

15) She always has words of encouragement.

16) For reading me stories when I was younger.

17) For taking care of me when I’m sick.

18) Her warm hugs.

19) Her eternal optimism.

20) The way she screams at hockey games.

21)  Her hairy arm.

22) Her love for animals.

23) She taught me how to be independent and strong.

24) Her home cooking.

25) She always puts up with me.

26) She always supports my hopes and dreams.

27) Her sense of humor.

28) Her willingness to listen.

29) For always giving me a shoulder to cry on.

30) She taught me how to be a better person.

31) For encouraging me when I’m down.

32) She protects me from any danger or evil.

33) She picks me up when I fall.

34) She makes great mac and cheese.

35) She’s great with kids.

36) She always tells me she loves me.

37) She always does the dishes and laundry.

38) She always decorates the house during the holidays.

39) I know I can trust her.

40) She always prays for those in need.

41) She never stops worrying about me.

42) She always tells me I’m beautiful.

43) She surprises me with cupcakes and Starbucks.

44) She always shops with me (even when she doesn’t want to.)

45) She takes me to get facials and pedicures.

46) I know she would sacrifice anything for me.

47) She always does the right thing.

48) She has helped me become the person I am today.

49) She’s irreplaceable.

50) She’s my best friend and the best mom ever.

Happy 50th Birthday! I LOVE YOU!

xx, Ciera



  1. December 5, 2013 / 6:11 am

    I love this idea! My mom just hit fifty in October, I wish I would have thought of this! xoxo