A Walk in the Bark

Huntington Beach Dog Park

I’ll admit it: I’m a total dog lady. We adopted my pup Phoenix from my aunt’s dog rescue almost two years ago and he has become my best friend and little spoiled baby. I love to take him out whenever I can to explore different places and the Huntington Beach dog park is one of my favorite spots to take him to run and play. Phoenix loves to explore around the park and is easily distracted by other dogs, ducks, and squirrels (as I’m sure you can tell in these photos!)

Usually I dress pretty casual because the dirt and leaves can easily find their way in your shoes and on your clothes, especially in the dog park. I grabbed a pair of jeans, a white v-neck, and brown combat boots for the perfect simple and casual outfit. This cardigan and infinity scarf are both great transitioning pieces that are lightweight so you can a) layer with with any outfit to make it look like fall while b) not sweating your butt off!

DogPark29 DogPark20 DogPark24 DogPark25 DogPark26 DogPark30 DogPark27

Earth Rated Dog Bags and Nic Sews Plaid Dog Leash

Whenever you take your dog somewhere, it’s essential that you bring along some bags so you can pick up after your pup and keep the environment clean. This is why I’m so glad that I discovered Earth Rated dog bags! Since the dispenser has a velcro strap you can snap it right on to your leash and never forgot your bags again (which at times I admit I have been guilty of!) Plus, it has a hook to hang the bags after your pup does his/her business. The best part is that I got the lavender scented ones which definitely makes everything smell nicer! Learn more about where you can find Earth Rated and more here.

I also had to make sure Phoenix was on trend this season, which is easily incorporated through his walking gear! The talented Nic from NicSews custom-made Phoenix this trendy plaid collar complete with a matching leash and bowtie. I loved the colors of the plaid that go perfectly with not only my outfit but the park scenery. Nic is an absolute sweetheart and she has tons of adorable patterns to choose from on her Etsy site, in addition to custom orders. She handcrafts each collar and leash with love and care, as you can see from her personalized tags. Check her out on Instagram to see the latest styles and cutest doggies!

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Forever 21 v-neck tee | Old Navy jeans | Betsey Johnson infinity scarf | Old Navy cardigan | Cathy Jean combat boots (similar) |  Nic Sews plaid collar, bowtie, + leash set ℅ | Earth Rated dog bags ℅

Photos by Gabi Wells