Blogging + Photography: How to Take Better Photos for Your Blog

Last Friday I shared on my experience at the Simply Stylist Social Session. It was a pretty overcast day (which I learned that although depressing, is actually the perfect weather for blog pictures since there are no weird shadows from the sun.) I got so much out of the whole event and it truly inspired me to start taking everything about my blog more seriously. No matter if you are a blogger or entrepreneur, your brand is important and ideally everything you post and share with the world needs to be consistent, unique and professional. For me blogging has always been a creative outlet, and I’ve just started being able to collaborate with brands and focus more on the content I’m putting out.

These photos were taken by Adri from Adri Lately with her 50 mm Canon lens after the event. Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes shared that she also uses the same lens, along with edited iPhone pictures to capture all her blog and Instagram shots. I am still learning about my own DSLR camera and photography in general, but I’m planning to invest in a 50 mm lens so it will be easier to achieve the blurry background aka Bokeh effect. Currently I’m still looking into which type (1.4, 1.8) and the best pricing options but I will keep you all updated. It is a good idea to find some photographers in your area that fit your style and budget, which I’m also still in the process of researching.

I recently discovered a great resource for you guys and the best part is that it is FREE! Photographer Megan Weaver offers free helpful tips on her blog that are tailored for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, but helpful to anyone interested in learning more about photography. Signing up for her email subscription will give you weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox. Megan is an absolute sweetheart and is great at communicating with you about any questions you may have! She has a free 3 part video series to teach you about the 3 manual setting basics: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO; in addition to hosting more in depth online classes which I attended last week. Her presentation was so informative and really broke everything down into simple and easy to understand terms. Megan is especially knowledgeable about blog photography and it’s so awesome that she offers so many of her services and expertise for free. If you’re a blogger in the Dallas area, be sure to book a session with her!

Of course, I’m still learning and trying to figure out the best way to make my pictures look crisp and professional. Over the last two years, I’ve gone from using a digital camera to actually trying to really figure out my manual settings on my DSLR. I am in the process of downloading Photoshop to my laptop and am going to soak up all the info I can from online resources, tutorials, and tips from photographers like Megan. Now that I’ve shared my journey, I would love if you would share yours! Leave me a blog comment, or feel free to chat me up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Finally, here are the photos from what I wore to the Simply Stylist session last week!

Leather Jacket + Lace Floral Romper by WorldWideStylistaLeather Jacket + Lace Floral Romper by WorldWideStylistaLeather Jacket + Lace Floral Romper by WorldWideStylista Leather Jacket + Lace Floral Romper by WorldWideStylista Leather Jacket + Lace Floral Romper by WorldWideStylista

What I’m Wearing // Lioness romper (navy color found here), Zara moto jacket, Nordstrom wedges, NY & Co. tote, thrifted necklace

Are you as in love with this little lace romper as much as I am? I’ve linked some similar ones all under $100 below!