DIY Christmas Cards

DSC_0365 DSC_0465 DSC_0467

So even though Christmas has already past, I was a little late this year getting all my gifts and self together, and have been as busy as ever even though as of two weeks ago my first semester of college is officially OVER! I have been spending my days working at the mall, dressing, babysitting, catching up on Netflix, shopping, and of course making *the* cutest Pinterest inspired DIY cards ever. (I know I probably should have posted these earlier, but oh well- better late than never!)

I have a collection of beads, sequins, ribbon, and glitter stuffed away in my craft closet that I used to make and personalize my cards. I also stopped by Home Depot to pick up some free paint samples to make the Christmas trees. These were just a few designs I came up with, but the possibilities are endless!

So, which design do you like best? What are on your holiday cards?

xx, Ciera