Kourtney Kardashian, Style Icon

Kim, who? Whenever an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I admit, it’s one of my guilty pleasure shows) comes on, I always have my eye on Kourtney. First of all, I think it is so cute how petite she is- according to Google, she stands at 5’0″ tall- just like me! The way she embraces her height and dresses to her body type is really awesome and inspiring. I’ve always been a little bitter about getting the asian genes since clothes tend to look way better with long, lean legs and a tall frame. However over the years I’ve learned to love what I’ve got and Kourtney’s style has been a great source of inspiration. Personally, I’ve found in the fashion world it’s extremely difficult to find fashion-forward garments made to actually fit a petite figure. The cost of having to alter/tailor every garment in your wardrobe can start to add up to much more than I’m able to afford. Even though I don’t want to be a designer at this point, I’ve always dreamed of having my own petite clothing line that can actually fit and flatter smaller girls properly. I think it is definitely an underrepresented market, considering there are over six hundred million petite women across the globe.


Photo via Google Images

Fresh faced, sun kissed, big sunglasses, classic satchel, and flawless shoes. Rompers, blazers, short skirts/loose high waisted shorts, bold lipstick. Kourtney can rock sky high heels or flats, and always incorporates the perfect balance of jewelry and accessories. Oversized cat eye glasses are so classic Kourtney, reminiscent of 50’s/60’s style. She has a classic wardrobe but always adds little pops of color and edge to all her outfits. She always looks chic and put together without trying too hard. And I don’t care what anybody says, I love Lord Disick. Mason and Penelope are absolutely adorable, and let’s face it- that girl looks even more fabulous while pregnant!

Kourtney has evolved into a major fashion icon and has inspired much of my own personal style. So, which Kardashian is your fav? Who are your fashion icons? Leave your opinions below!

xx, Ciera