Roman Holiday

Sorry for the little break in posts, I have been incredibly busy and am coming near the end of my journey! I will try to update everything within the next few days, so please bear with me :)

Anyone that has seen pictures or videos of the Trevi Fountain has undoubtedly fallen in love with the magic and beauty it contains. It is truly one of the most romantic places, filled with an indescribable hope and enchantment that dazzles people from all over the world. Actually, the fountain was a bit smaller than I expected- the movies always made it look HUGE!- but it still is absolutely amazing and lived up to all my expectations. Of course I had to throw a coin in the fountain, meaning I must come back to Rome someday!

DSC_0443 DSC_0527DSC_0578DSC_0580I had breakfast outside at a cafe right next to the fountain called the Trevi Cafe and ordered some amazing nutella banana strawberry crepes.DSC_0636DSC_0635Afterwards we decided to do some more sightseeing and walked down to the Pantheon and Spanish steps for a few hours.
DSC_0683DSC_0794We finished off the day by finally getting a real American dinner- the Hard Rock Cafe- smoothies, macaroni & cheese, and nachos- yum!
DSC_0864DSC_0878 DSC_0889You can see more pictures of my outfit from today here.

xx, Ciera


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