Travel Diary: Atlantis, Bahamas 2015

Atlantis Bahamas Travel Diary 2015

Ahhh, the Bahamas. Probably one of my fav vacay destinations, I never get tired of visiting Paradise Island. It’s named accurately; Nassau truly is paradise. These last two weeks I’ve been experiencing major vacation withdrawals, but I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to relax, spend time with my family and reunite with my NY bff Nicole!

My parents, aunt, uncle, sister and her friend Ryleigh excitedly met up at LAX and prepared for our 6 hour flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Even though I don’t usually sleep on planes, I like to dress comfortably and layer in case I get cold. These comfy joggers from Old Navy are like pajamas! Paired with an off the shoulder graphic tee (it seemed fitting) and my hat so it wouldn’t get squished in my suitcase, I was all set to go. Luckily we had a short layover and were off on our next flight to Nassau, which is less than an hour ride away and where Nicole met us at.

My family has a time share at the Harborside resort (see more pool pics here) which is right next to Atlantis. I love staying there because it has a kitchen, washer/dryer, and more exclusive amenities while still having full access to the Atlantis hotel, water park, and Marina. We spent our days exploring the resort, swimming in the pools, tubing in the slides and lazy river rapids of Aquaventure, enjoying the underwater aquarium,  tanning under the palms, and chilling with the locals in the Junkanoo parade. This year I was really excited to experience something new to Atlantis: a huge floating obstacle course with the characters of Adventure Time in the Cartoon Network lagoon! There was 9,000 square ft. of slides, rope swings, and more inflatable obstacles for us to tackle. Nicole and I were crawling across most of the course but after halfway through our time I started to get the hang of it. Any guest can try it out for free once during their stay as long as you make a reservation. Make sure to reserve early because the time slots usually fill up fast and be on time (they charge a $10 no-show fee.)

The beach was literally like a dream. White sand, turquoise waters, and piña coladas: aka, the definition of paradise! Even though I live by the beach, California doesn’t hold a candle to the Caribbean. This beach is right by the Cove and Reef, so it’s pretty secluded compared to the beach over by the Coral/Beach Towers which tends to be a little bit more crowded.

Hanging in Blue Lagoon was the perfect escape. The excursion was pretty reasonable at only $63/person for the day including lunch and a free drink. Most of the other activities we looked at were between $100-$300, so we really booked a steal! There are Dolphin Encounters on the other side of the island which my family did on our first vacation to the Bahamas, and we briefly checked out while exploring. We also had access to more floating water slides and a mini water park on land. Later in the day the local woodcutter opened up some fresh coconuts for me and the girls so we could try the milk, and afterwards we filled them up with our tropical drinks. Definitely one of my favorite days filled with fun and relaxation!

Of course we made a trip downtown for the straw market and souvenir shopping. We stopped by Del Sol store for color changing nail polish and then the Tortuga Factory for free samples and rum cake to take home. I absolutely love Atlantis, but it’s always nice to get a chance to really explore the streets where the real locals live.

One of the nights after drinks and appetizers, the girls and I went out to explore around the Coral and Beach Towers. How gorgeous is the Bahamian sunset?

Basically, we lived off these first three pictures: Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, and Goombay Punch. First of all, I have to point out Nicole’s drink name- our new friend at Starbucks thought her order was a little high maintenance! 😉 My mango passionfruit smoothie was so refreshing that I may or may not have ordered it multiple times throughout the week. But seriously, when will it be available in California stores?! Also, I can’t believe I’ve been to the Bahamas four times and hadn’t tried Goombay Punch before! Let’s just say it was definitely worth the wait. On our last night in the Bahamas, we went to dinner at a restaurant we’ve never tried, Chop Stix in the Coral Towers. The next morning, we enjoyed our last breakfast together outside by the Harborside pool.

Well, that about wraps it all up! This vacation was one for the books- I miss island life and Nicole already. We’re hoping to plan another reunion soon, hopefully before two years passes by this time!

Throughout all the slides, pools, beaches, and adventures my sister and her friend brought along their Go Pros to capture it all. I’m no editing pro, but I put together a short video of our trip and it didn’t turn out half bad! Check it out here :)

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  1. Cailyn
    August 2, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    This trip was so much fun! Wish we could go back!