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When you think of tours, you of think tourists in tennis shoes and fanny packs- and yes, that’s basically what my day in Tuscany consisted of. My first tour in Florence was actually pretty amazing. Even though we only had about an hour to two hours at each place, I felt like I learned so much more than if I would have just went on my own. Italy is packed full of so much history that even a few days would not be enough time to take in everything. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and helpful, which made all the visits that much better. First of was the Piazza dei Miracoli, which had four landmarks all in one area. The leaning tower of Pisa was actually much shorter than I expected, but still amazing nonetheless. I had no idea it took over 800 years to finish!

DSC_0039DSC_0042DSC_0045Next we took the tour bus down to San Gimignano for a wine tasting and to see the city. I’m actually not a huge fan of wine, but the bread and cheese were absolutely delicious! I had never heard of San Gimignano before but it was full of beautiful architecture, unique little shops, and literally the BEST gelato I have ever tasted (I got a cone of strawberry and passionfruit :P). If you’re ever in Italy, you must put the Gelateria Dondoli on your bucket list.
DSC_0075DSC_0079DSC_0310DSC_0317Lastly was Siena, where we got to see where the annual summer horse race Palio di Siena takes place. Inside the center of the town 8,000 people come every year July 2nd and August 16th to watch the horses race around them to honor the Virgin Mary. We also toured the Duomo Cathedral which is actually unfinished, but still completely breathtaking. There are so many beautiful pieces of art and sculptures inside, but unfortunately I didn’t get any on my camera because we weren’t allowed to use flash :(

DSC_0455DSC_0458Overall, I would definitely recommend the Tuscany in a Day tour to anyone looking to learn about history, eat amazing food, and to see so much with a limited time in Florence. It was such a beautiful day outside and I got some truly amazing pictures, a great lifetime experience, and now am looking forward to even more adventures!

xx, Ciera


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