{Wanderlust} Top 20 Dream Travel Destinations

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There’s something about traveling… once you start, you can’t stop. It’s inevitable. To be able to see the world from another hemisphere and time zone gives you an opportunity to gain a new cultural experience as well as a new perspective. I have been very blessed to have had quite a few national and international adventures (which I will be soon be doing some travel throwback posts for) that have contributed to me creating this blog and sharing my own experiences. Hopefully in the somewhat-near future, I will be able to explore these places and discover even more of what our world has to offer.

My last post about Kate Spade city guides has really got me thinking about where I am eagerly longing to visit. Which brings me to a list of my own top 20 dream travel destinations

 1. Australia

2. Fiji

3. Paris

4. London

5. South Africa

6. New York

7. Bora Bora

8. New Zealand

9. Dubai

10. Rome

11. Greece

12. Antarctica

13. Cabo

14. Morocco

15. China

16. Bahamas

17. Brazil

18. India

19. Barcelona

20. Egypt

This list could go on and on, as I would never say no to a traveling opportunity and hope to visit every continent someday. But these twenty are definitely first on my to-do list. So far, my travels have already taken me to New York, Australia, Rome, and the Bahamas– 4 out of 20 isn’t too bad! And don’t worry, as soon as I can cross off another destination on my list, you will be the first ones to know :)

I love to hear what you all think… thoughts, comments? Let me know your dream destinations below!

xx, Ciera


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  1. April 8, 2014 / 1:03 pm

    :) love your list!! A bunch of those are definitely on my list too!!